BWDA Mercantile Private Limited

BWDA Mercantile Private Limited was established in December 2013 as a part of the BWDA Group of Institutions to provide financial services and other value added services for the benefit of SHGs, JLGs and economically weaker individuals. BMPL also focuses on providing end-to-end services for microenterprises and development organisations.

BMPL will be involved in the formation of SHGs, JLGs and link SHGs, JLGs and economically weaker individuals to different financial services and capacity building support. BMPL will engage as a BC with one or more banks for distribution of various banking services to the disadvantaged and low-income segments of society. BMPL will also partner with other financial institutions to provide pension and insurance services. BMPL will trade in commodities, agricultural produces, consumer durables, essential food items including sale of such products to the poor community members who are associated with the company and other group companies. BMPL will facilitate the marketing of the produce of SHG/JLG microenterprises.

The company will also act as management consultants, financial consultants, tax consultants, human resource consultants and provide advice, consultancy services in various fields and to engage in dissemination of information in all aspects of business, organization and industry in India and to advice upon the means and methods for extending and developing systems or processes.