Relief & Rehabilitation


BWDA plays an active role in offering relief and rehabilitation services to victims of natural disasters and accidents. Services like financial assistance, food and relief goods supply, counselling, livelihood training etc. are offered to affected people.

 Vocational Training & Credit Linkage for Tsunami victims

With the financial support of Cordaid, Rabo Bank, Deutsche Bank and SIDBI, BWDA initiated programme to rehabilitate tsunami affected poor to form SHGs and offered management and skill trainings, and loan assistance. BWDA conducted three month, one month and fifteen day vocational trainings for affected people in fish processing, sea shell product making, food processing, readymade garments making, cell phone servicing, fashion designing, automobile driving, screen printing, REDP trainings, milk products & bakery products making, artificial flower making, simple chemical etc. at its training centres in Villupuram, Cuddalore, Pondicherry, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts. Totally, 2507 tsunami affected SHGs with 26,103 members benefitted from vocational trainings. Among them, more than 4500 members are fishermen. 2,136 SHGs and 28,209 members were given credit linkage of Rs.1869.74 lakhs under this programme to initiate their entrepreneurship / livelihood activities.

BWDA Death Relief Fund Programme

Based on CRISIL’s suggestion BWDA stopped this programme but relief is still given to the clients covered under this death relief fund. Rs.28.68 lakhs has been given as death relief for 379 clients.

BWDA Flood Relief Services

BWDA supplied rice and grocery packages to 2000 flood affected families in Villupuram and Cuddalore districts in November 2005 at the cost of Rs.8 lakhs.

Relief Services to Fire Victims

BWDA offers Rs.2000 to SHG members and bullock-cart workers whose houses are damaged due to fire accidents. Till date, around 148 families of SHG members and bullock-cart workers benefitted through this support of Rs.296,000.

Relief Services to Thane Cyclone Victims

The Thane Cyclone devastated the lives of many people of Pondicherry, Cuddalore and Villupuram District. BWDA supplied Pongal grocery to 25,126 families. BWDA also partnered with Manaveeya, DiaVikas and Cordaid to revive the livelihood of 3,500 affected women with financial support and livelihood training. Counselling, guidance and financial assistance were given for renovation and reconstruction of destroyed houses and reestablishment of income generation activities. A nursery was also established to supply cashew saplings to the affected agriculturalists. BWDA staff and well wishers contributed Rs.211,222 towards relief activities.