Health & Well-being


AXHYA TB Project

BWDA implements the AXSHYA project in association with REACH to create a tuberculosis free society. The main goal of this project is to promote Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) to the general public through awareness, community level programs & providing DOTS referrals to the TB patients. The project started in June 2012 with the objective of making Villupuram a TB free district. Later the project was rolled out to Cuddalore and Kancheepuram districts. BWDA currently implements this project in five blocks of Villupuram, two blocks in Cuddalore and six blocks in Kancheepuram. The project focuses on community-based care for TB patients, training health care workers and volunteers to provide DOTS, generating awareness and educating the community on prevention and treatment of TB, advocacy and community mobilisation for implementing DOTS, supporting TB patients and their families through referral & linkages, counseling and non-discriminatory practices. BWDA acts as a DOTS provider and also organises programmes with different stakeholders (GKS/CTY programme& Special day covering the Vulnerable & Marginalized) and supports district level TB forum /RHCP/CBOs and ICTC & DMC review. BWDA inaugurated two DOTS centres in Villupuram and Koliyanur branches where the TB patients can avail the DOT tablets. The International Union against Tuberculosis visited BWDA in the month of 2013 to study the TB project. BWDA received ‘Best NGO in field level support Award’ with RNTCP during the period of 2012-13 for the services rendered. From April 2014 to March 2015 the following programmes were conducted and 8097 peoples were benefited.

BWDA – TNVHA Health Network

To achieve its mission of holistic health empowerment, BWDA collaborated with health networking NGO, TNVHA in 1992. Since then, BWDA has been implementing many health programmes, with TNVHA health network. BWDA is the District Resource Centre (DRC) and Convener for District Co-ordination Committee (DCC) for Villupuram district. As the DRC and the DCC BWDA facilitates the health programmes of 26 TNVHA network NGOs in Villupuram District. BWDA also promotes the capacities of the 26 member NGOs, disseminating the health messages of TNVHA to these member NGOs in Villupuram district and is motivating and enabling them to implement health programmes successfully in Villupuram district.

From 1992 to 2006, BWDA implemented HIV /AIDS prevention, ISM, RCH, Anaemia, TB and Leprosy Awareness & prevention, NIP programme etc. During 2007-08, BWDA implemented and monitored Disaster management, HIV /AIDS Prevention, Care & Support for PLHA, trans genders, widows, disabled, etc. and HIV Mainstreaming programmes organized by the 5 NGOs, viz. ARM, CSI Community centre, Muttathur, Danish Mission and the WEAL, SEEDS, in the Villupuram district, under the TNVHA / CATsunami project. Under the TNVHA / CA / Appeal Fund project, BWDA implemented and monitored the HIV Mainstreaming, Social Exclusion and the Vulnerability programmes. Under these programmes, trainings were conducted to NGO staff and the CBO leaders and more than 6,000 persons (NGO staff and the CBO leaders) benefitted. Some of the other activities in this project include awareness programmes like Red Ribbon Express, conventions, Adhi-Dravida girls basic health training programme etc., integrated child development services and ambulance & mortuary van services.

PLHIV Initiative – Care & Support for Persons Living with HIV / AIDS BWDA takes special interest in supporting the PLHAs for social and health empowerment. In November 2007, with the support of TNVHA, BWDA organized a PLHA Convention along with the Cuddalore and Puducherry DRCs and resolutions were passed and demands were made to the Govt. to provide social security measures like medical, maintenance and livelihood support services to 29 PLHAs. BWDA also distributed Rs.25,000 (Rs.1000 each) to 25 PLHIVs in March 2008 as a medical relief fund. In January 2008, BWDA distributed groceries and dress materials to 108 PLHAs and eunuchs, valued at Rs.91,800 (Rs.850 each) through as a Pongal gift. More than 169 PLHAs are supported through BWDA & TNVHA funds.

Health Camp Initiative

BWDA conducts many free eye & retina protection camps in adopted districts till. Whenever BWDA arranges SHG programmes, BWDA arranges for health camps. In addition to our SHG members, our staff, their relatives and other poor people benefit through these camps. BWDA also conducted a diabetic drive in Villupuram in which 543 people were diagnosed and treatment was given to 88 patients. In the year 2014-15, over 20 camps were held and 3806 members benefitted. The programme was implemented in partnership with Yes Bank in Villupuram, Pondicherry & Cuddalore Districts of Tamil Nadu.

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD)

BWDA has organized TOT on NCD to the leaders of NGOs with TNVHA in 6 places of Tamil Nadu. Around 250 NGO leaders and staff attended the TOT programme.

BWDA Family Counselling Centre

BWDA has been running a Family Counselling Centre at Villupuram since 2001, with the support of Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board to solve the family orientated problems of its SHGs and other affected members.

Many separated spouses were united and disorganized families were made organized and cohesive. Till 31st March 2015, 3,586 petitions were received; cases registered and majority of the problems were solved amicably through proper family counselling techniques. Through awareness programme 343 SHG members and 525 college students benefited. The problems like family feuds, marital mal- adjustments, domestic and dowry atrocities against women, etc..

Regular awareness meetings are conducted for SHG members on family counselling, women rights and protection, general health, socio-economic and educational empowerment, child protection, legal awareness etc, during the BLCC meetings. Every Wednesday, the centre offers counselling services for the needy poor women in the Collectorate. Regular weekly visits are made to BWDA Arts & Science College, BWDA Schools Villupuram district and other schools and colleges in the Villupuram Town for counselling students with psychological / mal-adjustment problems. 1450 students benefited through this initiative.