Financial Inlcusion


BWDA firmly believes that financial inclusion i.e. delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society and linking of the poor to mainstream financial services is the key to empowerment. BWDA through the SHG movement creates savings habit and internal rotation of funds among its members. The members are also linked to mainstream banking. BWDA also facilitates credit linkage through banks, government and BWDA microfinance programme for income generation and livelihood activities. BWDA initiated the BWDA micro-finance programme on 09.09.1999 with the first loan assistance from RMK, New Delhi. BWDA received bulk loans from the Govt., financial institutions and banks like RMK, SIDBI, VGB, SBT, IOB, FWWB, HDFC, Dhanalakshmi Bank, CORDAID, RABO Bank Foundation, etc. for the microfinance programme.

Through the BWDA Microfinance Programme, BFL and Yes Bank BC Model, BWDA has enabled 1,16,693 SHGs (cumulative) and 13,91,090 members / borrowers (cumulative) to get Rs. 107421.07 lakhs (cumulative). The total portfolio of as on March 31st 2015 is Rs.8186.14 Lakhs. More than 45,000 bullock-carters and their family members have also benefitted till date. BWDA tied up with Yes Bank to implement the Business Correspondent Model in 2011. BWDA also partnered with IDBI Bank in 2014-15. BWDA facilitates financial inclusion through the Business Correspondent Model in partnership with Yes Bank and IDBI. Over INR 13015.99 lakhs has been disbursed to 52,906 members through the BC model