Child Empowerment


BWDA Summer School Programme

BWDA conducts summer school programme for children every year with a well-formulated curriculum in its adopted areas. Volunteers are selected and given orientation training to conduct classes in these schools. The duration of summer schools are 5 to 7 days. The summer school programme imparts general knowledge, leadership skills, life coping skills, financial literacy, awareness about environment, health and sanitation, education etc. through awareness songs, poems and dramas. Children also express what they have learnt through cultural programmes like dramas, dance, songs, rallies, etc. in their respected areas that creates awareness among the local residents and gives the children an opportunity to expose their latent skills and enhance their creativity.

BWDA Childline Project

Childline is a national 24-hour emergency phone (1098) and outreach service for children in need of care and protection. Any child or adult can call 1098 to report a child in distress. CHILDLINE intervenes in emergency and links children in need of care and protection to long- term services for rehabilitation. Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India, nationally supports CHILDLINE.

CHILDLINE India Foundation initiated CHILDLINE Villupuram in July 2011 as rural model of CHILDLINE. BWDA conducted 20 coordinators & members meetings, 6 directors meetings, a CAB meeting (initial), 43 weekly meetings, a resource meeting, 17 open houses, 5 member trainings, NICP training for teachers & police. BWDA also organized 22 awareness programmes in Child line week (reached 450), 12 BLCC meetings (reached 740) and 4 awareness programmes during Pongal festival (reached 3500).

The nodal and other partners received 1944 calls and conducted 610 case interventions since inception.   BWDA reached 2007 boys & girls, 750 Areas, 206 Police & Railway station, 1981 PCOs,1817 auto drivers and 2310 SHGs members through the programme.

Community Knowledge Centre CKC

BWDA in partnership with Yes Bank implemented the CKC project in Villupuram, Cuddalore, Kanyakumar districts of Tamil Nadu. 30 CKCs were established to offer free tuition to poor students. Impressed with the performance of the CKCs, Yes Bank has agreed to extend the programme for the next financial year. Till date 1078 students have benefitted.

BWDA Crèche for Poor Children

For the benefit of children of poor, sick, working women and SHG women, BWDA implemented the BWDA Crèche programme in Villupuram District from 2003 – 2012, supported by Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board. Through this programme, it has been imparting free nursery education, offering food and medical care to children. 263 poor children benefited through this programme

Free Tuition Classes

BWDA conducted free tuition classes for school going children of its target population who find it hard to cope up with the curriculum before formal school started. The programme benefitted many children of SHG members and bullock carters benefitted.

Child Rights

BWDA has organized Child Rights Programme during parliamentary election to include child rights in the political parties manifesto. The program organized jointly with other NGOs and around 18 NGOs participated.